Fine oil paintings by Jane Burt-Brown


Regrettably Jane has decided not to continue to paint any more due to very painful arthritis in her hands.

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Cleo  (36 inches x 24 inches) SOLD
Cleo belonged to the sister of one of our clients, she was painted from photographs following her death from Cushings disease. This painting takes pride of place over the mantelpiece in their dining room and forms a stunning vision entering the room.

Jane has been creating these beautiful paintings of horses for many years now. Painting in oils, generally from photographs so that horses and dogs that have already passed on can also be captured,  featured on this page are some of the many paintings she has created over the years for clients who wanted a lasting memento of their friend.

Please scroll down the page for other examples of Jane's work with horses.

Magnum Barney
Magnum & Barney (36 inches x 24 inches)  SOLD

Taken from chance photographs of the two horses playing together, Magnum's owner bought the painting in 2005. Sadly Magnum died of colic in 2008, although his friend Barney is still alive.

Susie aged 2 (12 inches x 9 inches) Not for sale
Susie is Jane's anglo-arab who we have had since she was six months. She is now seventeen, and Barney's mother from the previous painting.

Ziggy painting
Ziggy (12 inches x 9 inches) SOLD

Ziggy, a young client's pony on a whizz across the field.

Mary painting

Mary (36 inches x 24 inches) SOLD

Mary belongs to our hay supplier's wife! Another painting that takes pride of place in their living room.

Tess & Barney painting
Tess & Barney (36 inches x 24 inches) SOLD
Sadly Tess is another horse who is no longer with us. Her owner commissioned this painting.

Heavy Horse Painting
Heavy Horse painting (36 inches x 24 inches)  For Sale 150

Originally done as a painting exercise, the Les Owen name proved false, so the original subject could not be traced. Photo from which this was painted was taken at the Shoreham heavy horse show in 2003.

Lesley, Horse and Dog
Lesley and Friends (36 inches x 24 inches) SOLD

Some clients like to put themselves in the picture, literally!  But Jane does prefer not to paint people.

Jody painting
Jody (12 inches x 9 inches) Not for sale

Jody's painting started all this off....she was my son's horse, but has moved on. This painting still occupies a space on the wall in our dining room.

Oliver painting
Oliver (36 inches x 24 inches) SOLD

Oliver was a client's old horse who was diagnosed with cancer, and this painting was commissioned as a memento. Sadly Oliver was put to sleep six weeks after the painting was completed.

Zeus painting
Zeus (36 inches x 24 inches) SOLD

Another painting commissioned as a memento, painted from various photographs.

Milo and Dog painting
Milo and dog (36 inches x 24 inches) SOLD

Assembled from three different photographs on the same canvas, commissioned by Milo's owner as a keepsake.