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Protective Shoeing,

What it is, and how it can protect your horse from lameness
by Graeme Burt, D.W.C.F, farrier.

COVID-19 Precautions

As I write this (23rd March 2020) I am still working but during this exceptional time the government has asked the population to socially isolate, which means that we must keep a minimum of 2 metres of seperation between people and to avoid virus transmission.

To that end, I do not require clients to be there when I shoe your horse. If you leave your horse in the stable with a headcollar, rope, and a haynet, I will happily get him out of the stable, tie him up with the haynet and shoe him alone, then return him to the stable or turn him out afterwards (provided he's prepared for the field, NZ, and all ready) just leave a note or send a text.
Payment can be left at the yard, preferably in someone's care, or in a hidden location which you can put in your text.

If you are present, you can handle your horse for me which means that I will not be handling ropes or haynets.

We all need to do our bit to keep everyone safe. I am expecting Covid-19 regulations to last a considerable time, most likely up until there is a vaccine, which is estimated at 1 year. Lets hope it does not need to be that long.

Please take care of yourselves.

Graeme Burt